time flies

I have less than a week left in London and unfortunately I have been and will have to continue spend most it inside working on exams instead of doing my final explorations. In this past week i have finished all the tourist things I has wanted to do. I visited Hampstead Heath which is another park in North London. This was in zone 2-3 so it is not in central London like I am and most other tourist places. This park was unlike any of the other parks I have visited, which is a triumph by the city planners that no two parks look for feel the same.

photo 1

This park was muddy and had secret trails all over the place that always seemed to bring you back to the same place. There was also a natural lake both people and animals could go swimming in. It was very tempting, but maybe next time. photo 2

With the elections here in a few weeks becoming very controversial I decided to find out what party my perspective is in line with. I used the “i side with” website that asks you about 50 questions on topics of foreign policy, social issues, economic issues, and environmental policy to accurately assign you to a political party. This quiz told me that If I were british and able to vote in the elections I would be a liberal democrat, but if I wanted to vote for one of the two pain parties I should vote labour. I found this interesting after learning about a lot of the social issues have merged from the austerity practices of the current parliament as the lasting impact of Thatcher.

photo 3

I went for a really good run in Hyde Park this week. Afterward I sat out on the lawn chairs they have set up in the park and worked on my tan, i do not think it helped very much. I love that the city places chairs out in the park for us and has ice cream and food stands set up throughout the park.

photo 4

The last two museums I had to visit were the Imperial War museum and Science museum. photo 5

The imperial war museum covers from the Great war to Afghanistan. It went into great depth of each war with artifacts and interactive exhibitions. It even included many of the machines, vehicles and historical documents of each of these periods. The museum has the Zimmerman telegram that finally brought the U.S. into WW1. There was art about war and even trenches you could go into.

photo 1

This is a car from a book market in Baghdad, Iraq where a bomb was set off killing 28 people and destroying this intellectual centre.

photo 2

This is a press vehicle that was bombed by the Israeli Air forces on accident, killing the journalists inside.

photo 3

This was the side of the trenches where they played recordings from WW1. It was terrifying hearing gunfire and explosions over the men speaking. I can only imagine how intimidating that was for the young men that experienced it in real life.

We visited Portabello Market again because it is that amazing & i went to this family run Italian restaurant hidden inside an Indian clothing shop. They prepared all the food fresh and right in front of us. They also spoke Italian to us so it was a fun experience trying to communicate.

photo 4

photo 5I have now finished the three essays I have due tomorrow, but they could use some editing so I am off to go accomplish that. Yay.

xoxo christine


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