interesting easter weekend

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This is my attempt at keeping it classy at kensington palace. I think i pulled it off rather well, but i certainly could passed for a well dressed waitress. Regardless i visited the palace for nice afternoon tea in true british fashion and I felt very proper.

photo 3

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The scones were a lot better than i anticipated them being and I was really grateful of that because i didn’t like much else on the tea platter. I don;t actually understand paying an exuberant price for small cakes or salmon on bread or curry. Yes the british really do like curry enough for it to be at an official afternoon tea.

photo 1

I once again visited one of my favourite places in the world; Borough market! This gem never fails to be both a savory and exciting adventure.

photo 2

I spent this past weekend in the village of Witham, pronounced Witam, in Essex with a host. My host is pictured above with Margaret Thatcher. She is a nice older woman that is running for town and district in this coming general election. My host was a very interesting woman that has been very involved in her community in Essex, lived in London before that when she was not living in Saudi Arabia or Nigeria or traveling around the world which she has done quite extensively. photo 3

Knowing that i am a politics student, we went campaigning for her on once of my days there. This was not the most interesting to do in a very small village, but it did allow me to walk the entire village and she insists that I put it on my resume… so i might.

This is the village of kelvedon near Witham. We visited a church there that has the ancestors of my host buried there and members of a aristocratic family.

This is the village of kelvedon near Witham. We visited a church there that has the ancestors of my host buried there and members of a aristocratic family.

photo 5

We visited this barn in Coggeshall that has been there for over 800 years and has an interesting history. It was used by the abbey, then by farmers until it was nearly destroyed in the 1980s to be saved and handed over to the national trust. today there is a craft fair there where i bought some cards from a local artist with water coloured paintings of the local villages on them.

We attended the local parish on good friday as well on easter day. Each time they has special traditions pertaining to the occasion, one of them included staring at the newcomer whom no one knew (me). We toured local villages and had a pride and prejudice viewing that day.

I am finally home now and i could not be happier, because i missed it so much and access to the internet and therefore the rest of the world.

My host, Angela Kilmartin

My host, Angela Kilmartin, and I on easter day.

Not much else has happened because I was away so long and exams are coming..




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