My wink comes from Ireland

Another week is gone and I have seen another country! That’s not something I could usually say, but its just another perk of living in London! SO I have finally seen Ireland. Not that this was ever a country I explicitly desired to see mostly because I never thought I would have the chance so why bother hoping? But I guess unrealized dreams come true.

Let me just talk about the transportation we used on this trip. Well after waking up at 3am we took a bus to the train station, a train to the airport then a bus from the airport, and similar on the way back. The train and bus systems were incredible give or take a curb or two that the bus driver in dublin may have hit, ryan air however was the real winner here in unbelievable transportation. Not only does this company have some absurd policies to begin with but my personal favorite is the terrible piloting. We never hit turbulence in our hour flight but the plane did shake quote often. It was on the landing I was saying my padre nuestros as we came in really fast and hit the strip a little hard, it was our mistake thinking this was an accident. After it happened on the way back a frequent traveler informed us that the airline didn’t want to pay for the other landing strip so they use the ones where they come in really hard and brake for their lives (and ours).

photo 1

We did however get to board the plane like this so I felt very important.

photo 2

This is the Dublin Spire, a pole they ordered to celebrate the great wealth Ireland was experiencing in the 1990’s that was supposed to be there for the year of 2000. Unfortunately the 4.5 million euro pole did not arrive until 2001 so they decided to keep it there. Honestly it wasn’t very pretty, interesting, or necessary but it was near our hostel so it was a good landmark.   On the first day we explored Dublin on our own seeing Temple Bar, the Liffy, O’Connell street, christchurch cathedral, st. patrick’s cathedral, and Dame street.

photo 4

We started off the trip by having breakfast at a pub where I experienced a traditional Irish breakfast. surprise! it was the same exact thing as an english breakfast. The only new experience was that people at the pub were drinking alcohol at 9am in the morning.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3

photo 4

That night for dinner we went to our friend Brittany’s apartment where they served us homemade irish food. All I have to say is that those college students knew how to cook and I will forever be in awe of their potato making abilities.

Day 2: Rural Ireland

We drove through the most beautiful landscape, passing old houses and crumbling buildings from another time. We stopped at this abbey that has not been used for hundred years but was still gorgeous. The buildings were great but they were easily beat in beauty by the rolling hills and animals in the area.

photo 5

these beautiful cliffs are the cliffs of Moher on the west side of the Republic of Ireland. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1

The group picture above has a bit of a story behind it! The other students in the shot with Coley and I are friends of ours in London that we ran into at the Cliffs! What a small Ireland!

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

This was as close to the edge as I would get because it was an extremely windy day and I had times holding my group standing at some points so I was not going to chance the 800 foot drop for a photo.

photo 5 photo 1

On the tour one of our other stops was at a castle where they had this traditional Irish telephone booth, look similar to anywhere else???

photo 2

In traditional Irish spirit we made friends with random people throughout the day. photo 3

Here I was picking a fight with someone on the street, so much for peace studies…

photo 4

My favorite night in Ireland we went to a local pub with my Big, Brittany! They had traditional Irish music being played by a band and we mingled with locals! They were really nice, telling us about the music, talking about the golf on tv, and overall giving us a very positive impression of the Irish! This is where I was told some surprisingly nice things, one was that my wink is from Ireland from a 70 year old man that had a really interesting past, including working in Hollywood for some time. The other was from a different individual so made a comment as we watched golf live from South Africa that, “The world isn’t equal, you need to change that”. This was surprisingly deep considering he was well on his way to being drunk, but telling people i’m a poli sci major usually elicits some unusual response.

photo 5

This road was laid down in the 15th century.     photo 1

The Liffy.

photo 2

Christchurch Cathedral. This cathedral has quite the history, from being catholic to owned by the Church of England, to being abandoned but the church and being made into a business that included a pub then back into a catholic church it really has been there for it all.

photo 5

I also visited trinity college in Dublin. This school was really gorgeous, and possessed a great deal of history, both of the campus itself and the books it had in its library were of great value. Most notably the Book of Kells, a bible being created by Scottish individuals, that was taken to Ireland during a war for safety.

Dublin has this great fundraiser going on right now which has caused them to have decorated pigs throughout the city. This one, at Trinity College, was one of my favorites but the pigs were all impressive with great variety.
photo 4

We spent much of the weekend just hanging out with Brittany and i was perfect. Whether we were at a burrito place with heavenly burritos or hanging out at her trendy tea restaurant it was fun to just see a friend from home!photo 1 HOME SWEET HOME

photo 3

SO just when i though Ireland was amazing and I wanted to live there I came back to a London even more beautiful than I remembered. I adventured around St. James’s park and was disturbed by the amount of tourists that are now everywhere in the city. There were hundred s of people outside Buckingham Palace and sitting in the park enjoying the spring weather. photo 4 photo 5


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